Smutty Filthy Short Story

Been Caught Snooping

She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but she really couldn’t stop herself.  She used the spare key and slipped into his quiet house.  Damn, if she hadn’t been such a nice girl, she wouldn’t have even picked him up from the dealership last week when his car had broken down and he’d called her cell, asking for a ride.  And then she never would have watched him get his spare key and never would have even known that spare key existed, just begging to be used.  She usually had such good self-control, but sometimes her curiosity got the better of her. 

She’d started dating JD about six weeks earlier. Really, dating was not the right word. Meeting him at times and places of convenience for amazing sex, occasionally witty banter and oftentimes great food. She knew he wasn’t looking for anything serious and that was okay with her. They had so much fun together and he had the MOST amazing play room! What did she have to lose? 

 She made her way upstairs and looked through his bedroom, just peeking into drawers and in the nightstand.  He was such a neat freak and paid his cleaning lady well, so there was nothing of interest to be found.  She did note that the condoms were bought in bulk, but she had spent a weekend in that bed and she knew all about his wonderfully sexy nature.

Which is what brought her to the second part of her snooping, the playroom.  She turned the dimmer switch up all the way and gasped a little as she took it all in.  As fastidious as he always is, the playroom was set up with amazing style.  He had all kinds of things hanging on the walls, paddles, whips, floggers, restraints.  He had chairs and benches and tables and X’s to be hung from and tied to.  There were a couple of sets of drawers, almost like Sears tool chests. 

She walked over to the first one and started looking at his toys. The first one she came to was all cleaning products, leather conditioner, latex cleaner, steel polishers, etc.  On down the line, she looked in every drawer.  He had clips and clamps and dildos for miles.  There were things that plugged in that looked like power tools that made her knees weak and she quickly closed that drawer. The drawers of dildos were all different sizes and shapes and colors. There were electric thingies that she thought looked a little scary, but kinda cool too. She held up some of the more amazing things, and she turned them over, trying to imagine how they worked. Jeez, she thought, he has more inventory of toys stocked up in his toy room than a sex megastore!  She felt like a kid in a candy store and forgot all about where she was and what she was doing.

All of a sudden, she heard voices.  She dropped the two nipple suction cup-things she was looking at and ran around in a circle, trying to find a place to hide.  There are no closets in the playroom, but there is a little bathroom stall, with a sink and a toilet.  She ran in, shut the door, and just waited, huddling in the bathroom, shaking.

He came into the room and scanned it, looked to see what is out of place and thought to himself, “where is that little bitch?” Her car was parked in the driveway and he’d seen his spare key rock had been moved.  As he looked around the room, he saw that some drawers are partially open, but she has at least taken care to put everything away.

His date walked in behind him and laughed. “Don’t lose your cool, darling,” the woman said as she looked around.  She noticed the bathroom door was closed and walked over to open it.  The girl was sort of huddled but immediately stood straight up and stuck out her hand.

“Hi, I’m Daisy,” the girl in the water closet said.
“Rose.  Nice to meet you, Daisy.”

Rose reached out and shook her hand with a firm grip that she never let go.  ”She is so cute, Love. We should talk — alone,” she said to JD over her shoulder.

Rose led the girl to one of the padded benches and sat her down.  ”Stay right here, be a good girl, and we will have some fun,” she whispered through a wicked grin.

Rose and he walked out of the room.  Daisy stood and then sat again.  She didn’t know what to do.  On the one hand, he was going to be SOOOO pissed. He might call the police.  Or say he’ll never want to see her again, which might be worse than the cops.  But Rose seemed pretty cool.  And she said to stay! Plus Rose was so hot.  Maybe they’d just tie her up and force her to watch them have sex.  That would be pretty hot, actually.  She wiggled around in her seat, nervous as hell, mixed with the excitement of thinking about watching them have sex.

He and Rose walked back into the room.  Rose went over to the back of the play area and started gathering some things.  He walked right up to her.  “Daisy, you’ve been SUCH a bad girl.  You know that, right?”  Tears sprung into Daisy’s eyes.  “I know.  I’m so sorry.”  She looked down and a tear ran down her cheek.  “I wanted to make you leave and never see you again.  I want you to know that.  Trust is everything to me and you are going to have to earn mine back.  Rose has asked if I will give you another chance by teaching you a lesson.  And because she is a woman of worth in my life, I have agreed.” All at once, the girl started laughing and crying a little.  “Oh, thank you, thank you.  I promise to be good.” 

“Yes, about being good.  I need you to tell me right now that you are agreeing to anything Rose and I might do to you.  You will most likely be gagged the entire time and you will not be spoken to or acknowledged.  You are merely there as another toy for Rose and I to use.  You can say no and leave right now but you will never be allowed here again.  Or you can stay and submit to our whim”

“Please can I stay, please?  I’ll do whatever you want.”  She spoke so quickly, her words ran over one another.  He looked at her very sternly.  “And I suppose since I won’t be speaking to you, you have implicit permission to cum whenever you need to.”

Rose walked over to a table and dumped a few things out of her arms.  She walked up to Daisy and hugged her tight.  “We’re going to have fun.  Now come here, please, Daisy.”  Daisy and Rose walked over to a chair that had arms but looked odd.  “Be a good girl and take all your clothes off.”  Rose said with a smile as she walked away.  Daisy took her flip flops, t-shirt and shorts off and paused a second on the bra and panties.  Rose walked back over, wheeling the little cart table she had placed things on over to the chair.  “You have a gorgeous body, honey, don’t be shy.”  Daisy slipped out of her underthings and then sat awkwardly in the chair. 

Rose fastened leather cuffs around Daisy’s wrists, strapping her to the chair arms.  Then she pressed a button on the side of the chair and the seat mostly split in two, releasing the built-in cuffs from under the seat.  Rose tightened them around Daisy’s thighs.  Rose moved the chair around so it’s reclining a bit and locks Daisy’s feet into the stirrup pieces.  She then moved Daisy’s legs almost as far apart as they can go and locked the chair into place.

JD walked up, grabbed Rose and pulled her up to him, a hand on her ass and
one on her head, pulled her in for a deep kiss. “Stop talking to her, Rose” he chided and walked over to the chair.  He pulled a hood over her head that had a built-in ball gag. “She’s just here as a prop for us today, like a blow-up doll.”  He grabbed a pair of clips off the cart and put them on Daisy’s hard, pink nipples.  A muffled moan was heard from under the hood and he smacked her pussy once as he walked away.

Daisy could hear them kiss and the rustle of clothing.  She could only imagine what Rose’s body looked like under her cute sundress.  She pictured her dark curly hair, her smooth skin.  Then the sound of Rose’s moans cut through her thoughts.  She heard them somewhere near her. Meanwhile, Rose was stretched out on the futon, looking down her body, watching his hands hold her legs apart.  She could only see the top of his head, but he really uses his whole body when he’s eating her out.  He’s so good at licking pussy, she usually only loves watching that show.  But now, she had that cute little slut over there to watch.  She’s all spread out and wet.  She had stopped fidgeting around and was completely still, listening. 

Rose moaned a little louder as he started fucking her with his fingers while he licked.  “Oh, god, honey, you’re so good at that.”  The moaning continued for a few minutes and then started building.  He had three fingers driving in and out of her wet pussy as his tongue rubbed over her swollen clit.  She started grabbing at his shoulders and head and he held her down with his upper body, focused and really lapping at her clit. 

She started cumming and almost screaming.  “Oh, GOD, yes, yes, yes.”  Rose’s body lifted off the futon with the force of it.  JD kept fingering her as she’s cumming, he whispered on her inner thigh.  “That’s it.  Cum all over me.”  Rose rode out her orgasm and he slowed his hand and then gently pulled his fingers out of her dripping pussy. 

He walked over to Daisy and unsnapped the one side of the gag and pulled it out of her mouth and off the hood.  Instead of asking her to open her mouth, he used both hands to just pull it open.  He shoved his fingers in her mouth and she automatically started licking and sucking.  She realized she’s licking Rose’s orgasm from his hands and it made Daisy even more excited as she licked and sucked JD’s fingers.  Rose walked up, watched her clean his hand.  He pulled Rose up into his body and kissed her.  “You’re so beautiful when you cum, Rose.”  Rose kissed him back and embraced him tightly. 

They break from the embrace, walked over to the chair.  Daisy was so turned on now, with her legs spread so wide apart that she couldn’t be still any longer. She wiggled her ass on the chair and moved her feet and hands a little.  JD reached for the cart and grabbed an inflatable dildo and put it through the hood into her mouth.  He inflated it a little and she made a little gagging noise.  Rose reached over and gave the chain between Daisy’s nipple clamps a good tug and Daisy’s moans are loud enough to be heard even with the inflated dildo in her mouth and the hood covering her head.

Rose walked across the room and came back over with one of his power dildos.  It’s a dildo on an electric arm that is built for serious power fucking.  Rose smiled sweetly at him.  “Mind if I try this out on her?” 

“Go ahead.  And while you’re doing that, why don’t you bend over her a little?”  He smiled and pulled his pants down, pulling out his hard cock.  Rose positioned herself right between Daisy’s legs.  She rubbed the dildo on Daisy’s wet pussy lips, up and across them.  She used Daisy’s wetness to lube up the toy and teased her with it at the same time.  Rose put the head of the dildo in and turned it on.  The toy has a throttle on the side, adjusting the speed. And the dildo started moving in and out of Daisy’s wet, open pussy slowly. 

JD got behind Rose and bent her over a little more, pushed the head of his cock into her hot pussy.  Rose started fucking Daisy faster as he fucked her harder and faster.  Daisy wiggled around, pushed her hips into it.  She so obviously loved getting fucked, it made Rose fuck her with the toy even harder and faster.  JD then had to stop fucking Rose and just watch, mesmerized as the dildo was powered in and out of Daisy’s wet pussy.  As she started cumming, you could only hear grunts and moans and wet noises coming from under the hood.  Her body arched and tensed and she fought her restraints as Rose continued to ram her pussy with the electric dildo. 

“I have an idea” he said and Rose turned the power dildo off. 
“Oh yeah?”  Rose turned around to him, a smile on her face.  “What’s your idea?” 
 “Well, I love everyone cumming and having a good time.  But I also want to teach that nosy bitch a lesson she won’t forget.  The only thing she hasn’t wanted to do in the entire time we’ve been fucking is having anything in her ass.  I am going to fuck her ass right now.”  With that, he turned and went to the other side of the play room.

Daisy immediately started panicking.  She’d tried anal once before with an ex boyfriend and it had hurt and he hadn’t stopped until he came and she’d pooped blood and it was gross and it was nothing she ever wanted to do again.  She started really to thrash around for a second, but then she‘d felt Rose’s hands on her arm.  “Relax.  I’m telling you.  This is going to be okay.  He has a big dick, but he knows how to use it and if you relax, it’s really amazing.  Some of the most mind-blowing orgasms you can ever have are during anal sex” 

He walked back up and handed the lube to Rose.  “Here, why don’t you get her ready for me?  I want to watch you prepare her ass for me.”  He kissed Rose and walked over to the futon, his hands on his cock, watching, he began to stroke himself. 

Rose opened the lube and poured a good amount on her hand first.  She took the flat of her palm and spread it all over Daisy’s ass, moving in towards the hole.  She took her middle finger and covered it with the lube and rubbed it all around the Daisy’s tight hole. 

“The key is just thinking of your ass as another hole.  You love fucking him with your pussy, right?” Daisy nodded her head vigorously. “Well, this is just like that only WAY tighter and intense.  For you and for him.  But it doesn’t have to hurt.  You just need to relax and hope you have an anal orgasm.  Because let me tell you, there’s nothing like it.” Rose continued to lube up the outside of Daisy’s ass as she talked.  She pushed her middle finger against Daisy’s hole, teasing it and then pushed in and out, only using the very tip of her middle finger.  “You better quit teasing her ass and get her ready, Rose.” he said laughingly from the futon.  His cock was rock hard and there was a little precum shining on the tip.

Rose pushed her middle finger all the way in.  Daisy moaned and realized all at once that that doesn’t hurt at all.  “Know that his cock is going to be WAY bigger, but if you relax, once he’s in there, you will really love it, I think.”  Daisy felt Rose pull her finger out and Rose stepped back. He walked up and took Rose and lead her over to the futon, where he’d laid out an assortment of toys for her. “Why don’t you make yourself cum while I fuck our toy in the ass?” he said and Daisy felt her pussy spasm in anticipation when she realized she liked being used as their toy.

He walked over to Daisy, her ass all lubed up and exposed.  He took a buttplug off the table and started lubing it up.  He pushed it at the tight hole that is her ass and said “open up.”  He pushed the plug in slowly, and Daisy moaned and grunted and tried to wiggle away.  He eased her over the thickest part of it, her breathing getting ragged and grunts coming with each exhale.  The toy in her mouth was dripping with drool and it’s running out of the bottom of the hood.  He got the buttplug in place and then started rubbing her pussy with his cock.  Daisy was still trying to get used to the plug in her ass when he started fucking her pussy.  With her legs spread so wide, she couldn't move like she loves to while they’re fucking, but she fought her restraints, still trying to meet the thrust of his cock with her pussy.  He fucked her so good, she started immediately cumming, her pussy made wet sucking noises and gripped his cock as she bucked her hips and tensed her body.

He pulled out of her pussy and quickly pulled the butt plug out, too.  Her hole gaped open for just a second but then he had his cockhead pressed up against it.  The orgasm she‘d just had all over his cock was still twitching in her pussy as he pushed the tip of his cock into her ass.  She started to thrash a bit, feeling the hugeness of it, and he put his hands on her clit and pussy, rubbed and touched her in all the right places.  He slowly eased himself into her ass, as he continued rubbing her pussy and clit. 

Rose over on the futon was having her third vibrator induced orgasm.  She’d fucked herself hard with one dildo and held the vibrator to her clit.  She’s was bouncing up and down on the futon, and cumming all over her hands and the toys, watching Daisy get ass-fucked properly for the first time.

With his cock completely buried in her ass, he stopped moving.  Daisy wasn’t sure if she was going to throw up or pass out.  She started shaking a little bit and gripped the hand rests of the chair so tightly her fingers were white.  Rose walked over and handed JD the vibrator and plugged it into the wall.  He touched it to her clit and she forgot how stretched out her ass was for a second.  The vibrator pulsed over her clit and she slowly relaxed her muscles.  Just as she did, he started to move in her ass.  Daisy doesn’t even tense up again this time, but pushed back against him and felt him bury himself again, deep in her ass. 

“I am going to cum so hard in this blow-up toy, Rose.”  He started to thrust in and out of her tight ass.  Her body slowly began to accommodate his large size and Rose held the vibrator directly on her clit.  Daisy started lifting her body.  She was working up to a massive orgasm.  Her chin was all the way pinned to her chest and she was trying to lift her hips and body higher but the leather restraints held her to the chair. 

“God, damn, this ass is hot.  I think this blow-up toy is going to cum all over us”  Rose agreed and turned the vibrator to its highest setting.  She saw Daisy’s pussy start jerking and twitching and she knew her ass was gripping and tightening around his cock.  Daisy started making screeching noises under the hood as he fucked her ass even harder.  He gave one last thrust and then let loose his cum, so deep inside her ass. He leaned into Daisy’s outstretched thighs with the force of it.  Rose turned off the vibrator and patted Daisy’s leg knowingly.  “Nicely done.” she said down to her.  After a few seconds of recovering from his massive orgasm, he pulled his cock out of her ass.

“Rose, why don’t we get showered up and go have dinner?  You can unhook our new toy and clean her up in the bathroom here.  I’d advise putting her in that cage at the other end of the playroom, to keep her out of trouble.  We can play more when we get back.”

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