Saturday, December 25, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

I lay beneath the Christmas tree, looking up at all the twinkly lights.  I daydream what it would be like to be able to be my Master's present that he can open Christmas morning.  My eyes open to see his face inches from mine.  His eyes intently stare into mine and I know he possesses every inch of me.  I don't make a sound, but my body wiggles in anticipation.  His hand smacks my face a little too hard for my liking and I instinctively try to jerk away, only to realize he's pinned me there under the tree and there's no freeing myself.

He leans down to my lips and I feel his mouth ever so gently touch my lips, only to suck my lower lip into his mouth and bite down hard, hurting me and making me cry out.  Then his strong hand covers my mouth roughly and he whispers to "shut the fuck up" in his sexy way that only he can, turning me on and shutting me up.  Then his hand goes into my mouth, three, four fingers.  Enough to stuff my mouth full and gag me.  I love having my holes filled and his hand in my mouth is no difference.  I can feel the heat and adrenaline rushing through my body and I feel like every nerve in my body is alert and tingling.  I feel like there's electricity snapping back and forth from his body to mine and back.

With his hand still stuffed in my mouth he leans down and kisses and bites my neck.  He bites just hard enough where I almost think he's going to break my skin but he stops shy of drawing blood.  He breathes and moans dirty words in my ear, calling me his, telling me I'm his whore and he's going to use me however he likes.  Mostly he just looks at me with those eyes that see through to my soul.  This look from him can reduce me to a puddle of drooling, dripping, moaning mess.  I try so hard to be still and be quiet but i can't help myself and my hips flex upward to his body, to rub myself against him.

He really doesn't want me to lie still and be perfectly quiet.  He never wanted me to be a dead fuck or a blow-up doll or something.  He likes it much better when I struggle a bit.  So I find myself wanting him so badly, feeling his hand almost thrusting in and out of my mouth and I try to push him off.  I start to buck my hips against him, against his hips, trying to throw him from on top of me.  That's when the small sadistic smiles breaks out on his face.  He slaps my face again with his free hand and pulls his other hand out of my mouth.  It finds its way under my Christmas nightie and squeezes my tits roughly, grabbing whole handfuls of boob and just squeezing and hurting me in a way that makes me moan and fight a little harder.  But really, what I want is more.  Hurt me more.  Mark my body with your bruises that will cover me for weeks like your own personal markings, like tattoos that are memories of your hands on my body.

I'm still flat on my back when he grabs me by the legs and slides me out from under the tree.  His pants and boxers are down and he straddles my chest, his hard cock inches from my face.  I push my head and mouth upward, reaching for what I so deeply desire.  I swear to God, I would suck his cock all day every day until he decided he was bored of it (or sore from it) and I would beg him to let me do it more.  I beg for it and he teases me, slapping me in the face a bit with his cock and not letting it enter my mouth.  I stick my tongue out and reach as hard as I can, trying to lick and suck and knowing he will only let me when he's ready.

Finally his hand reaches down to the back of my head and his other guides his cock right into my mouth.  I lick and suck and try to take him all in, but he loves to fuck my mouth and throat, rape it, take it as hard and as fast as he wants.  I don't set the pace.  I don't get to lovingly worship his cock and lick and kiss and take my time.  I'm gagging and sputtering and gasping for breath and he's pumping in and out of my mouth intermittently and then leaving his cock deep in my mouth, deep in my throat, blocking my air and just filling me completely.  He knows just when I'm about to panic from lack of air and he pulls out just enough for me to gasp for air and then he thrusts it back in again and out and in, fucking me  so roughly, taking my mouth and throat, using me as I was meant to be used, strictly for his pleasure.

I don't even realize it but as he's fucking me and I'm just concentrating on sucking, licking, breathing and doing everything in my power to please him, my hips are thrusting up and my pussy is soaking wet and almost audibly begging for attention.  As he's holding his cock deep in my throat again, he reaches behind him into my wet panties and just strokes the outside of my pussy, smiling at how wet he makes me, how intensely my body reacts to his.  His smile is quickly gone as the intense look comes back and he takes one of my hands out from under his strong thighs and puts my fingers in my pussy, pushing them hard against it, into it even and I realize I am to play with myself while he uses my mouth. 

I fuck my fingers in and out of my pussy and rub my hard, aching clit as he continues to pound my face and abuse my throat.  I gag and slurp and moan and suck.  I can feel his cock getting even harder and bigger and his thrusts are even harder and more demanding.  I really can and have made myself cum in a minute or less and it doesn't take long, with him abusing my mouth and treating me like his slut that I start to feel myself....oh oh oh please i can barely make a sound but I'm begging around his cock.  I'm sucking and gagging and begging for permission to cum.  He keeps fucking my mouth, in and out, deep, holding it there, then back out, letting me lick and suck and breathe.  "Cum for me, whore." he moans in his almost about to cum voice, deep and breathy and sexy. 

I feel my body jerk with orgasm, still trying to suck and lick him and keep from gagging too hard as he's fucking my mouth and throat.  I'm making moaning, screaming gurgling noises for a good solid minute while he pounds me and squeezes my tits and nipples and hurts me as he lets me feel so good simultaneously.  Just as he pulls his cock from my mouth, I'm gasping, trying to catch my breath and feeling the rush of the orgasm slowly leaving me, he whips around and jerks off all over my tits and stomach and thighs, cum dripping down between my legs.  I know what he wants and I scoop some up off of my inner thigh and push it inside my still twitching pussy, pushing him and his cum into me, his favorite sex toy.

Merry Christmas, Master.  Fuck visions of sugar plums.  This is what dances through my head this Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Tis the Season

Be forewarned, this is a mopey depression girl blog.  First off, I have to say I'm actually very happy overall.  Mr. G is as generous to me as I could ever hope.  I've gotten to spend lots of quality phone time with him and we've even been spending fun virtual time together on Second Life.  But the holidays bring joy and...well, nostalgia.  It brings presents and...feelings of something missing.  I'm so happy for my T, she has found a wonderful Mistress and she is back to being my favorite (no offense, Ms. T) subbie buddy.  I love sharing that side with T.  It's what we do best, lean on one another, be the sounding board that the other needs (and sometimes the voice of reason)

So tonight, after spending a couple of HOURS together on SL, Mr. G went to bed and I was left alone with my busy overthinking mind.  So I thought wouldn't it be nice to listen to some Christmas music while I do a little work.  So then Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong sneaks up and punches me right in the stomach.  I won't quote the lyrics here because I'm sure that's a copyright infringement or something, but I was gay enough to write Mr. G an email quoting them (Freddie Mercury called to tell me just how gay.)  Luckily, he's used to my being a silly emotional chick at times and wasn't phased by it.

But it's the holiday spirit.  And I'm missing him, even having had lots and lots of him lately.  It's the physicality of him that I miss.  A hug, a touch, a spank, a nice choke around my neck.  (yes, don't worry, being depression girl doesn't make me any less slutty)  T reminds me I found him.  I chose someone a continent away.  And I stand behind that decision 100%.  The last five and a half months have been really some of the best of my life.  And I know there's only more good things to come (mmmm and cum) in our future.  Sometimes I just wish I could lie next to him and listen to him sleep.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Latest Porn Reel Playing in My Head

I am a sick bitch. I always have some fantasies rattling around in my head and usually they take on a certain theme. And that will be what I go back to time and time again when my Master allows me to masturbate. My fantasies are just that. Nine times out of ten they are even something I don't think I would enjoy in reality. But that's the fun of fantasies, isn't it?

My most recent fantasy has been a recurring one on and off throughout my life. It has morphed and changed into its latest form just recently. It's more than just a threesome with me, t, and Mr. G. It's more the two of us submitting to him, giving ourselves to him than the more vanilla version of two guys fucking a girl. And in my fantasy, t & i are wearing matching french maid uniforms. It's really more of us two “girls” serving him. There are multiple positions scenarios I have played out in my head (and a few I fucked the hell out of myself to on my closet floor while my in-laws slept peacefully a few doors down the other night.)

So without further ado, here's my latest (and possibly greatest) fantasy:

We both kneel in front of him, side by side, with our mouths open as wide as we can hold them, tongues extended out slightly. Master can then alternate fucking our mouths. Each of us who isn't being used must wait in open anticipation while the other is getting face fucked. While he's fucking t's mouth, I can hear her gagging and trying to suck, watching Master hold t's head there makes me so wet, makes me want my mouth and throat full so badly. I see tears spring to t's eyes, I watch her trying to breathe in quick, shorts bursts as Master pulls his cock out far enough for air to get in but not completely out of her mouth. I see t's hands clenching her thighs as she's struggling to stay in the proper kneeling position and not raise her hands to push him back (to no avail, Mr. G isn't really push-off-able). But t is a good slut and she keeps her hands on her thighs as she's been instructed and Master lets her breathe often enough that her gasps of air in between deep thrusts are enough to keep her from turning blue.

It's hard to just watch and keep my mouth open, but then it's my turn. And he's shoving his cock in and out of my mouth and throat so hard, I'm gagging and choking and trying so hard to suck and lick and take him all in. I feel Mr. G's hands at the back of my head, holding his cock deep in my throat, hear t breathing so hard, I know it's her catching her breath from his rough treatment but it's also from watching me being used so roughly, it's such a turn-on. I know it is for me, watching t's mouth be used and fucked and hearing Mr. G's moans and “good girl” is so intoxicating.

Master's cock is getting so wet from our spit and pre-cum that when he pulls it out of my mouth, it's dripping and I'm unable to get it all into my mouth so I drool down my chin and onto the tops of my breasts. I'm panting and moaning as I watch t struggling to take all of Mr. G's cock. I can't help wiggling a little, it's so fucking hot to see up close. Getting to watch my Master be pleasured and getting to see t being treated so roughly, used so properly, knowing she's loving it as much as I do makes it difficult to kneel in place and keep still.

Then Master pulls his cock out of our mouths and puts my hand in t's panties and t's hand in my panties and we realize we're to make each other cum while we suck. I feel t's hand move into my dripping wet pussy and start moving across my clit and in and out of my swollen pussy lips. I reach into her panties and grab her hard (and dripping) cock in my hand tightly and start rubbing it. Master goes back to the face fucking, fucking t's mouth again. And I watch t sucking so hard her cheeks are sucking in, I hear the sucking noises and feel her cock grow even hard as she's getting her mouth and throat pounded. I'm pumping my hand up and down on t's cock faster now, trying to keep the rhythm of Master pounding in and out of her mouth. I can feel t's fingers in my pussy, but they're barely moving, as she's right on the verge of cumming, her moans and gasps for air getting faster and louder.

Then Master pulls out of her mouth again and comes back to mine. He's deep in his sadistic and very turned on place now. He doesn't just say “good girl” now but also says “suck harder, whore” and “take it deep, you dirty bitch” I feel t's fingers fucking me so hard now, as Mr. G's cock is driving in and out of my mouth. I feel like I'm effectively getting fucked from both ends and I'm on the verge of cumming. I'm gasping and gagging and moaning and can't get out the “please may I cum” but Mr. G has learned to read my noises and he pulls his cock out before I'm over the edge. And simultaenously, t's fingers aren't as frantic inside me as she's preparing to get her mouth fucked again.

But instead Master starts stroking his cock right in our faces. We each lean in closer, rubbing one another more frantically. Our faces are practically touching and we are both arching our bodies ever closer to Mr. G's cock. I can feel t's cock twitching and throbbing so hard in my hand and I grab it and rub it up and down as hard and as fast as I can, while feeling his fingers rubbing my pussy so fast and so right that I'm immediately right on the verge of orgasm again. We both open our mouths even wider, feeling our own orgasms build as we watch Mr. G bring himself right to the edge and then over.

He moans “fuck” as his cock jerks and then he starts cumming on both of our faces and tongues. We are both frantic now, moaning and jerking one another off and feeling Master's hot cum hit our faces and tongues. “cum for me, you sluts” Master says and we do. I feel t's cock jerking and shooting into her panties while I feel my pussy grip around her fingers, pulsing and cumming and we both spasm and moan and cum so hard for him, kneeling before him and feeling his orgasm dripping off our faces and tongues. He puts his cock first in my mouth to suck him dry, then in t's mouth. And we make sure there's not a drop left in his body, sucking and licking Master's cock clean, while our hands stay in one another's cum soaked panties.